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Welcome to Harris Family Funerals Templestowe

Harris Family Templestowe Funerals, located in Melbourne and serving the Templestowe area, is committed to exceeding your expectations of service and value. Harris Family Funerals will save you thousands of dollars on funeral services and allow you to express your faith in a very tangible way.

Conventional services allow families flexibility and personalization while maintaining a traditional atmosphere. These types of services recognize the important connections between family and faith, incorporating the values of the deceased and the family and enrich the memory of a loved one.

Celebrating the life of the departed is the focus of any service, and many people wish to incorporate the achievements of the individual that remain as a legacy. Over the years, we have seen numerous unique and personal displays that pay tribute to the passions and accomplishments of departed loved ones. An artist has been honored at a service with his artwork draped on the walls, and family and friends of a passionate gardener handed out seedling at her service. The life of a teacher was celebrated with her awards displayed before her family, friends and students. Flowers that fascinated an individual in life were shipped from local Templestowe florists to adorn the church where her funeral service was held.

Specially selected prayers are often used, and caskets and floral arrangements are hand selected to express the personality of the deceased. Music with personal significance can also selected as a special part of a service. Many mourners are touched by reading of poems and memories that pay tribute to the lives of someone close to them. These simple, personal contributions are a testament to the precious connections that have touched the lives of the people whom best remember the deceased.

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